Acorn Fed Ibérico Tenderloin with Chickpeas in Two Textures

Serves 4 – Difficulty: Moderate
Time: Mise en place: 30 min. Cooking: 2-3 hours.

Ingredients (4 Portions):

– Ibérico Tenderloin
– Fat from acorn fed Ibérico ham
– Ham Stock
– Chickpeas (soaked in water overnight)
– Olive Oil
– Salt
– Pepper
– Paprika
– Pedro Ximénez Xerry
– Shavings of acorn fed Ibérico ham


* The fat of a Cesar Nieto acorn fed Ibérico ham was used in this recipe to wrap up the tenderloin. This way all its Ibérico flavor and velvety texture is preserved while it is roasting, as the wrapping plays a decisive role in attaining a juicy texture.
1º – Preheat oven to 90ºC.
2º -Wrap up the tenderloin in a few slices of fat obtained from the acorn fed Ibérico ham. Roast the tenderloin in the 90ºC preheated oven for 2 hours.
3º – Meanwhile, using the same Cesar Nieto ham, prepare a stock or broth that condenses all the pure flavors of the ham (intense, savory, with reminiscences of acorns,…). Once the broth is ready add the chickpeas and a little bit more of the fat from the ham and simmer it all for 2 hours, thus obtaining a flavor that will lead us straight to the primary memory of the pure flavors of the ham. Once the chickpeas are ready they are used as the main ingredient to prepare a “hummus” that serves as the base for the tenderloin when plating up. A few whole chickpeas around the tenderloin complete the two textures that give rise to the dish’s name.
4º – All that is missing now are the caramelized elements, which are found in the bottom of the roasting pan. Scrape these delicious bits and put them in a pot with a few ladlefuls of the ham broth and let it reduce. You can also try adding a little (just a little) bit of “Pedro Ximenez” sherry or a good wine of your own choosing. The idea behind this is not a wine sauce, but simply a compliment to round out the flavors of the reduction.
5º – Now is the time to crown our dish with a few shavings of Cesar Nieto Gran Reserva Acorn Fed Ibérico Ham. This is precisely the flavor that impregnates all the elements of the dish, guiding the palate towards the unique universe of Ibérico products.

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