Ibérico Pork Crown Roast with Honey

Serves 4 – Difficulty: Moderate
Time: Mise en place: 20 min. Cooking: 40 min.

Ingredients (4 Portions):

– 1 kg. Ibérico Crown
– 1 Tin of pâté
– 3 Onions
– 2 Carrots
– 5 Garlic cloves
– 2 glasses of White wine
– 2 tablespoons of Honey
– 1 small glassful of tomato sauce
– Pepper
– 2 sprigs of Thyme (freshly picked if possible)
– 2 sprigs of Rosemary
– Parsley
– Water
– Extra virgin olive oil
– Salt


1º – Trim the crown roast of any excess fat. Gently loosen the meat from the ribs without entirely cutting it. Remove all fat and tendons from the ribs until they are clean. Season with salt and pepper and stuff the roast with the pate, closing it over itself. Tie it up and put it in a roasting pan.
2º – Peel the onions, carrots and garlic cloves. Chop all the ingredients into a fine brunoise. Place the mixture on top of the roast. Chop the thyme and rosemary and sprinkle it over the top. Season with salt and pepper and add the wine and a little bit of water and put into the 180ºC preheated oven for 40 minutes.
3º – Once finished remove the vegetables and sauce and put it all in a pan, adding the tomato sauce and honey and let it all simmer and reduce. Put the mixture in a food processor and blend.
4º – Slice the roast into portions and place them on a serving tray. Serve half of the sauce in the tray itself and put the other half in a sauce dish. Add a few sprigs of thyme and rosemary. Serve and enjoy.

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