Acorn Fed Ibérico Loin


Elongated and cylindrical piece.

The loin piece presents the traditional marbling of infiltrated fat that confers its exceptional value.

It can be consumed fried or grilled in steaks.

Its weight is about 2 kg per piece.

This part is located alongside the spinal column.

Acorn Fed Ibérico Collar


This is a piece of lean meat that is obtained from the lower part of the neck, and the cuts from this piece have a fair amount of fat.

This meat is suitable for breading, stewing or even as minced meat.

Its weight is 1.5 kg.

Acorn Fed Ibérico Bone-in Loin


This piece includes the entire Loin with the backbone, end loin, tenderloin and ribs (without cleaning) and the entire Collar (the entire collar includes the “false” end loin, lace back (lagarto), shoulder, lean meat, fan steak).

Its weight is approximately 6.5 to 7 kg.

Acorn Fed Ibérico Jowl


This piece is to be found along the jaws, on the outer part of the head.

It is round in shape and weighs approximately 120 grams.

It is very tasty, if somewhat fibrous when prepared on the grill or charbroiled.

Acorn Fed Ibérico French Crown Rack


This is the complete loin piece with the 12 cleaned rib bones (between the ribs).

It also includes a part of the loin without ribs (smaller piece).

It weighs about 3 kg.

Acorn Fed Ibérico “Fan” Steak


This product is obtained from the area that is close to the pig’s ribs.

The amount of fat and the quality of the meat makes this a very juicy cut.

You could say it is the outer packaging of the Ribs.

It is a relatively thin piece, although highly marbled with fat and, therefore, charbroiled to perfection it is absolutely unbeatable.

Acorn Fed Ibérico Secreto Steak


Very long muscle found on the back.

It has somewhat of a fan shape.

It is highly marbled in fat.

The muscle fibres are light in colour.

It weighs approximately 300 grams.

It is found alongside the Shoulder ham between the lard loin.

It is perfect for charbroiling.

Acorn Fed Ibérico Neck Steak


This piece is oval shaped.

It is separated from the collar right at the moment of quartering and it weighs approximately 550 grams.

It is highly marbled in fat, and its colour is an intense ruby red.

It can be prepared in any way possible, grilled, charbroiled, roasted, with sauce, and on and on.

Acorn Fed Ibérico Plume Steak


This piece is triangular and flat in shape, forming a sort of feather or wing.

To cut it out it has to first be fanned out from the loins of the pig.

Its weight is approximately 180 grams.

It is particularly good grilled or charbroiled.

It is very juicy and tender due to its great balance between meat and fat.

Acorn Fed Ibérico Tenderloin


Elongated and cylindrical muscle.

Dark red in colour, with very slight fat marbling and very tender.

This piece is long and round in shape.

It weighs about 350 grams and it is located right next to the spine on the part that is on the side of the Ham.

It can be grilled, although being highly versatile, it can also be prepared in a diversity of ways.


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