CESAR NIETO - isotitipo


The demand for food safety is greater all the time. The authorities and increasingly in more measure, the consumers, are exacting that the food products we elaborate offer standards of the highest quality and safety.
In order to adhere to these demands, at César Nieto we mainly base our philosophy on three basic pillars: traceability, due compliance of the Sanitary Standards and respect for traditional processes and for the environment

CESAR NIETO - isotitipo


We control the chain vertically, from the Pig in its origin, right through to the slaughterhouse, quartering hall, packaging, etc… until the product reaches our clients in perfect conditions.

CESAR NIETO - isotitipo


Currently the facilities at César Nieto are duly certified in accordance to the most demanding guidelines of the European Union, and we have even reached further beyond, as currently we are immersed in the obtaining of the Quality certifications: IFS Food and BRC, which are the most exacting standards in the food industry, which will allow us to enjoy an important level of differentiation in comparison with other industries in our sector.


CESAR NIETO - isotitipo


Along this journey we have taken, we have known how to combine the incorporation of new technologies with the traditional know-how of our ancestors. Currently we upkeep these values that we transfer to our production processes, in which we maintain: patience, artisanal production and respect and maintenance of the meadowlands.
Despite the fact that we are in possession of the latest technological advances, some processes, such as salting, fat rubbing and trimming of our pieces continues to be carried out in artisanal fashion, thus maintaining all the essence of our product.

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