It doesn’t really matter that we have been dedicated to the production of these gastronomic jewels for more than 80 years.

It doesn’t really matter that your product will be delivered to you directly from our cellars to your table.

It doesn’t really matter that we are present in more than 35 countries.

It doesn’t really matter that we have our own herd of Ibérico Pigs…

…because after all «the ham that is truly of importance is your ham»

Ever since our parents opened a small store in Guijuelo more than 40 years ago and ever since we have been in direct contact with the final client, we realised that what is truly important is the choice selection of each and every piece and above all, the guarantee that we will always be there no matter what could come up.

This is the exact same philosophy behind the opening of this store, reason why we have added our «Guarantee of 100% Happiness» seal

This may seem to be slightly presumptuous, but it is in fact quite simple:

1st) You place the order and you receive it within 48 hours and you can taste it. 

2nd) This is the only way that you will know that it is in fact your Ham.
-And if this is the case, well perfect, we have achieved our goal.
-And if this were to not be the case, well then, no problem, we pick it up and refund your money.

It just doesn’t get any easier!

The important thing isn’t the label, or the brand, or even the pompous and high-flown names that are now given to Hams; what is really important is… the Flavour, and for this the only way is to actually taste it.

We include this seal because we can in fact say that our clients will always be happy and satisfied with our product, as in order to achieve this we have excellent personalised customer service, both when placing your order and when it comes time to resolve any incident that could arise.

Thus, we are absolutely sure that with any of our products that you may purchase at our on-line store you will be completely satisfied and… 100% HAPPY!

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