Analysis of an Ibérico Ham obtained from a pig that has been raised in the meadowlands, results in an excellent lipidic profile of this product, with a low proportion of saturated fats high in monounsaturated fatty acids (up to 65% of Oleic Acid) that is very different from that of a Serrano Ham obtained from White Pigs.

The fat of an acorn fed Ibérico pig has more than 55% of oleic acid (monounsaturated). This fat, as has been demonstrated in rigorous scientific studies, produces a beneficial effect over blood cholesterol levels, hence giving way to an increase of the beneficial cholesterol rate (HDL) and reducing the detrimental cholesterol rate (LDL). Only virgin olive oil has a higher content of oleic acid.

The overall proportion of total unsaturated fatty acids in the fat of cured products obtained from Ibérico pigs that are fed acorns exceeds 75%, which makes this the most “cardio-healthy” of all known animal fats and even healthier than some fats of vegetable origin. However, the merit does not only reside in the breed of pigs; the diet of the animal based on acorns and grass is of enormous influence.


Its meat, which is low in calories, protects the cardiovascular system and reduces cholesterol, while in turn it is rich in all types of vitamins. Ibérico Ham is more than just a gastronomic product, as it contains innumerable virtues that are directly related with our health. It is an antioxidant product, with a high content in Vitamin E.

It can easily substitute meat, as 100 grams of Ham contains 43 grams of protein, hence undeniably representing a fine substitute of red meat. It is also a cardiovascular protection, as its fat is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and Oleic Acid, which protects us from the above-mentioned cardiovascular disease.

It is also a complete source of vitamins, as it includes vitamins B1, B6, B12 and folic acid, which is highly beneficial for the nervous system and good functioning of the brain. It is also rich in minerals, which are essential for bones and cartilage. Likewise, this food product is recommendable in low-calorie diets, as it only has 150 calories per 50 gr.


A study made in California, United States, establishes that zinc is very important in the diet of young people and also for adults. Zinc is a mineral that is found in Ibérico Ham. Specialists assure us that daily consumption of 20 mg of Zinc in adolescents improves their activity and mental processes.

Ibérico Ham has an average of 2.3 mg of Zinc per every 100 grams of ham. Everybody, children, adults and older people, are all favoured with these benefits for their health.

It has been verified that a diet rich in Zinc increases the sharpness of the sense of smell and taste, facilitating the curing of wounds, recuperation of burns and aiding in the treatment of gastric ulcers. It is good during pregnancy and has proven properties in the mitigation of syndromes such as dementia, anorexia, cataracts, Down syndrome or diabetes.

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