1943 // Our beginnings

Alonso Nieto Manzano was the founder of the company. We still have papers from that time that reflect the difficult beginnings with a product that was practically unknown at the time, “The Ibérico Pig”, as only a very few in the sector in Spain were commercializing the product.

César’s inspiration // 1967

CCésar Nieto Martín, who at the time was only 20 years-old, had to take over the company that today carries own name. Despite his youth, he was destined to become the true promoter of the in-depth reforms that were to take place in subsequent years.


1980 // Reforms to flourish

Reforms and the creation of the facilities that are currently found in the heart of Guijuelo, in which the tasks of salting, drying and maturing take place in our own cellars.

Construction of the slaughterhouse // 1985

César Nieto, along with other entrepreneurs from the area, decided to build their own slaughterhouse, with capacity for 2000 pigs/day, with the modern facilities currently being certified for the main international markets.

1986 // The origin of the origin

In this year, an organization called “Guijuelo Denomination of Origin” saw the light with our company co-founding along with other entrepreneurs that wagered on this project, which over time was to make the name of Guijuelo known to all, both at a national level and beyond the borders of our country.


A new generation // 1997

It was the moment when César Nieto’s two eldest sons, Jorge Nieto and César Nieto, joined the company, currently holding the posts of Manager of Production and Director of Sales, respectively. This was also the moment when our facilities extended to a total of 4500 m2 of natural drying halls.


2001 // Los Linares

With the coming of the new century we acquired the “Los Linares” Estate, which is located in the southern part of the province of Salamanca, along the banks of the Tormes River. This estate represents an important initiative in that pertaining to an improvement of the quality, given that strict control is carried out from the very moment that the suckling pigs are born (450 gr) right through until they reach their optimum weight (160 kg).

The future is now // 2008

This is the year when César Nieto’s new facilities were opened in the Industrial Estate “Agroalimentario” in Guijuelo. With an area of 3800 m2, it counts with the latest technological innovations in the meat-processing industry, although that is not something that will change the way we treat these “Jewels for your senses”: the best raw material and loving care and slow paced curing.

2010 // Our wager

In 2010 we started a new activity in our group, which is uniquely and exclusively dedicated to the commercialization of fresh Ibérico pork.

Starting on new paths // 2013

Following a tremendous effort to obtain the new certifications and necessary requirements, the time came to start exporting our product. This is a road that thrills us and into which we are putting all of our effort.

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