Sliced Ibérico Cebo Loin (5 Envelopes Pack)

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5 envelopes – 100 gr each

The César Nieto 50% Ibérico Breed Ibérico Cebo Loin is one of the most popular products in our catalogue. It is produced from the Ibérico Pig’s pork tenderloin cut, which is traditionally stuffed into catural casings after it has marinated in an adobo made with natural ingredients (Torrevieja Salt Lake Salt, Vera Paprika and garlic). Apart from the characteristics of the Ibérico Cebo Loin itself: its rosy colour, its juiciness and its abundant marbled veining, our traditional recipe for the adobo offers up an entire range of flavour hues.


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This 50% Ibérico Breed Ibérico Cebo Loin is obtained as of selected crossbreading of the Ibérico Pig, reaching 50% Ibérico Breed in its genetics. These Ibérico pigs are raised on farms where animal welfare is of utmost importance and they follow a diet of natural animal feed, in which the grains selected are of premium quality. Their production is completely traditional, using our own adobo recipe that has been our standing tradition for more than five decades now. Guijuelo’s microclimate, which stands at an elevation of a thousand metres above sea level is the reason why our drying sheds and cellars in Guijuelo are the perfect location for their slow curing process of almost 5 months.

Curing period: 5 months

Allergens: gluten free | lactose free

Ingredients: Pork Tenderloin, salt, paprika, garlic, oregano, sugar, dextrose, antioxidants (E-300, E-331iii), preservatives (E-252, E-250)

Nutrition facts (100g): Energy: 1302kJ/312 Kcal; Fats: 19g of which saturated fats: 7,85g; Carbohydrates: 1,1g of which Sugar: 0g; Proteins: 33g; Salt: 2,96g

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