Machine-Sliced Ibérico Cebo Shoulder Ham (100 gr)

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Envelope – 100 gr

Each envelope of Machine -Sliced César Nieto 50% Ibérico Cebo Shoulder Ham offers the same quality as any César Nieto 50% Ibérico Cebo Ham, yet with its own particular nature. Its curing period is proportionally shorter, therefore its flavours and aromas are very intense, perhaps even more so than a ham itself, with a range of hues that is slightly different and much preferred by many consumers. Its curing period is proportionally shorter, which in turn makes its flavours and aromas even more intense, perhaps even more so than a ham itself, with an extraordinary range of hues that are slightly different.


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The 50% Ibérico Breed Ibérico Cebo Shoulder Ham is characterised by its intense flavour that is balanced in hues and aromas. This richness is fruit of its lengthy curing period, which surpasses 20 months, and its high quality diet. Its colour ranges from intense pink right through to light pink, with abundant marbling when carved. It is smooth in mouth, while in turn being light, immediately offering notes that arise from its genetics and the long curing period in our cellars. With the passing of the months the shoulder hams mature, thus adding even more organoleptic characteristics to its tasting moment.

The César Nieto Ibérico Cebo Shoulder Ham is obtained from selected crossbreeding of the Ibérico Pig, reaching 50% Ibérico breed in its genetics. These Ibérico pigs are raised on farms where animal welfare is of utmost importance and they follow a diet of natural animal feed, in which the grains selected are of premium quality. Its production, made with the front quarters of the animal is completely traditional, using natural salt from the Torrevieja Salt Lake for the salting process. Guijuelo’s unique micro-climate and its elevation standing at more than a thousand meters above sea level, allows us to use less salt in its production as compared with other areas. Thus our 50% Ibérico Breed Ibérico Cebo Shoulder Ham also first appears as “sweet” in mouth as is typical in products cured in Guijuelo.

Curing period: more than 20 months

Allergens: gluten free | lactose free

Ingredients: Ibérico pork shoulder ham, salt, dextrose, sugar, preservative (E-252) and antioxidant (E-316)

Nutrition facts (100g): Energy: 1357kJ/326 Kcal; Fats: 21g of which saturated fats: 8g, monounsaturated fats: 11g and polyunsaturated fats: 1g;  Carbohydrates: 0.5g of which Sugar: 0g; Proteins: 33g; Salt: 5.7g

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